Richard James Daniels is a documentary photographer and videographer currently based in Essex (Near London), England.
He has a passion for photographing contemporary Asian culture and has spent nearly 25 years working in South East Asia including Cebu, Philippines, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong and Jakarta, Indonesia. 
Richard's previous incarnations include life as an Investment Banker and Bare Knuckle Boxer. 
He doesn't normally refer to himself in the third person.     

Baskitan: The Basketball Courts and Hoops of the Philippines project is still ongoing but has already featured on the BBC, PDN's photo of the day, The Asia Society and Creative Review's Best New Work. 
Prints and a zine will be available shortly. Please contact me by email for more info. 
Fine art photography project ' Electricity cables. Bangkok ' was Best of Show at the International Photography Awards in New York, curated by Bill Hunt of Hasted Hunt.
'Pattaya' Documentary photography project exhibited at the Association of Photographers in London as part of  Vice / ALT CTRL SHIFT Gender Issues project.
'Everything Buddha' Documentary Photography project exhibited at the National Museum of Bangkok, Thailand and also featured in the King of Thailand's Anniversary Celebration Book. 
The Mark Villanueva Boxing Academy short form documentary video featured on CNN.
Vice  Mentoree.

Shooting Hoops - Smith Journal Volume 32
Issue 05 Baskitan Project - Franchise Magazine 

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